Thursday, November 27, 2014

Moving from iOS to Android

I have been with iOS for last 6 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed the OS and in general the apple platform. I am always amazed the way the first apple device was high performance from the day one while Android devices had struggled and got so much better now. I have admired Apple and always will. Apple is an eco-system and very difficult to get out of it.

However, I got bored with the phone. iOS 6 was the last time I was so excited with the upgrade. Since then it  has been pretty much boring upgrades. Flat UI upgrade was not ground breaking either. Some of new features like Passbook looked like half baked and map was broken. So I decided to switch to Android. It was 'brave' move ;) to leave a great OS and great hardware!

Took a OnePlus. For me from iPhone 5s to OnePlus was a huge jump - super big phone in hand and my iPhone looked like business card next to OPO. Definitely need to get used with it and it can really annoy you initially when you try to use in one hand. But a week usage you will get past it. But it is OS that was challenging.

First was navigation - I had a mixed feeling about additional hardware buttons but back-button is so handy especially on a large phone. I realized that it is such handy component when we spent so much browsing website and navigation within apps. However, in my opinion, 5.5 inch (if  phone is light enough) can still can be used in one hand, if navigation on all applications may have to be moved down and leverage the gestures using gyro - shake left to right or right to left etc.

Contact & Emails - it is was an easy migration. Export vCards from iCloud and import them to Google contact manager and sync all set. But Email client - even though iOS email client was not super exciting but it was much intelligent the way it handle email content - especially parsing phone number, tracking number and make them clickable is such an important feature especially when the copy feature in android is horrible. iOS parse the sender detail and allows us to add them to contacts directly as well.

Screen - lovely big screen. Better reading experience and recently read an article saying that with iPhone 6 & 6-plus people are moving away iPad. That is very true. It adds lot to the reading experience and if you are one of them who is wearing a glass, bigger text would certainly help your eyes. But how rich the screen looks - now for general usage, all phone screens are pretty good and hardly make any difference.

Performance - OnePlus is a beefed up hardware and hence no complain. It is buttery as iOS and did not feel any difference. There are so many other talking about the hardware and impact of those on these iOS but most part there is any difference I could feel. Most case it has to do more with the app experience than the OS itself.

Launchers - This is great. This combined with "Privacy" enabled via CyanogenMod could add some of variety to the device. You can mimic iOS on Android if you want, but why would you right? :) but seriously these launchers can add lot more to user experience.

Waiting for Lollipop to come to my device and exploration will begin again!