Sunday, October 12, 2014

Buy vs Build | Tesla's approach

SAP is known for is slow paced innovation, huge license cost and huge support overhead. Many CIO's safe bet was to defacto to SAP, to go with the popular saying "that no one got fired for buying IBM" or "FUD"(fear, uncertainty and doubt) technique. Many organizations are neck deep to SAP and that they are paying huge price for procurement and maintenance.  And build something like SAP was believed to be an insanely long project and complex one. When I was doing some consultation for some large corporate, internal team always resisted to build or adopt OpenSource or OpenPlatform and quoting the support and other lame reasons and has been big blockers for innovation or change.

But Tesla CIO has a different opinion. They have managed to rollout ERP system, home grown, in 4 months. As their car is creative wave in car industry, this is a significant achievement. Their different business model has been one of the key reason for this initiative, instead of figuring out the connector and other bells and whistles.

Hybrid app developer for IOS! Good news

With iOS8 Apple has introduced/exposed the true webkit based webview (WKWebView) which native apps can use to embed the HTML content and URLs. In previous version, it was UIWebView. UIWebView was not same as WebKit used by Safari and hence had performance issue compared to native apps. Availability of WebGL was absent to UIWebView and also javascript performance was significantly faster on native safari.

PhoneGap, as we all know, is built around this UIWebVIew and loading URL/local pages using file:// protocol.

There are test that have been done to benchmark the performance improvement and it is expected that application would have around 20% performance improvement with new WKWebView. Supposedly WebGL support should enhance 3D rendering and WebKit javascript engine is significantly fast as well. Also we have indexedDB support as part of WKWebView as well.

To view some statistics around the performance gains, read here:

If not as good as native, but this definitely will have significant impact on Hybrid application and frameworks.

Unfortunately, PhoneGap is still using UIWebView because of a defect in iOS 8 webkit view. Hopefully the bug is fixed soon and is not an policy as part of the new webkit.