Monday, October 22, 2007

Fiddler - A proxy server

I use fiddler extensively to understand the behavior of the page. It is an excellent tool and I have been using for long time. But all along I was of the opinion that the fiddler works only with IE.

But truth is that it can work for any browser. Yes, it is not just an plug-in for IE though it is easy to get it work along with IE. Fiddler is proxy server listen at So, if you configure the proxy server for your browser to point to IP and port, you should be able to use fiddler with any browser.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

IIS 7.0 and .Net

IIS 7 is pretty friendly with .Net. Previously, to interface with IIS, we need to depend on the C++ API to leverage or extend the features of IIS. With IIS 7.0 we can talk with IIS with the language we are familiar with - that is .net API for IIS 7.0. We would be able to write ISAPI filter and extension in .net using our known VS2005 editor. Isn't that pretty cool!

Session_OnEnd does not fire after SP2 installation

Last few days our servers had big problem - Session End event was not working. We were breaking our head on this why the heck does this happen. Finally realized that recently we updated the SP2 for Window Server 2003 and this had a bug which caused the session end event not fire. We installed the patch from Microsoft it works now. Not strange from Microsoft though!;EN-US;934903

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Marker Interface

In the world of java, it is a common approach to have something called Marker interface. These interface itself will not have any methods defined but marks the class which implements it as the special type.

E.g Serializable interface, just marks the class that it can be Serialized. But when it comes to exact serialization java depends on the naming convention though. Also we can mark a class as Singleton class using this technique. However, in the .Net world. it can be better managed using Attribute programming.