Sunday, September 16, 2007

Photography - Rule of Thirds

I have lot of interest on photography. I love taking picture and watching others picture. At one point, when I did not have a digital camera, it was quite an expensive interest to hold upon. Now that I have a digital camera, now that I can shoot anything I feel like and play around the picture with some photo enhancing software. I got a pretty decent camera in my mobile as well. I have published my pictures at

I love my Camera too. Canon S1 IS with 10x optical zoom. Pretty nice camera for amateur which I bought some 3 years back. It is a well designed camera and fits nicely in my hand and give nice balance. Very effective IS (Image stabilization) as well is very handy when you start using 10x zoom. Only thing it lacks is, now it is 3 MP (Megapixel). It would have been better if I had a 6MP+

However, getting back to the topic. I thought I will take my photography more serious that before and wanted to learn about photography. I did some googling and read some blogs in flickr. Many people talk about one concept a lot. It was “composition” of the picture. It is nothing but identifying your subject and draw the attention of the audience towards the subject. It could be by placing the subject at different location of the photo or blurring the background and appropriately focusing the subject. There is guidance available for us and it is called “rule of thirds” handy. It has been followed for centuries now.

By this rule, if we divide the picture in to 3 vertical and horizontal portion, just like tic-tac-toe -2 lines drawn at equal spacing between them horizontal and vertical – these drawn lines form intersections. They form 4 intersections on your picture. The rule says the subject should lie on the intersections of these lines. Very interesting and gives an easy rule to follow for beginners.