Thursday, March 08, 2007

Daylight saving - patch broke Vj++

Our website is nearly 10 years old. Started of as static webpages, now it is a complete enterprise application. Website has been suffering more and more changes, as we were getting more successful in business, over a period of time.
Someone on one fine day, decided let us use notorious Vj++ and ASP with JScript (for the benifit of java style syntax), though many people who used MS platform preffered to use VB and ASP together. But I am not sure if VB would have be powerful enough to have designed the application as it has been designed now. We have been paying for that decision for sometime.
1. Vj++ no more supported by MS
2. Vj++ does not supported multi processor - so we had to always make sure that the CPU affinity is set to one CPU for ASP application
3. I believe there would some performance set back and more to go....

To add more to this list, recently as we know, Daylist Saving logic has changed and Microsoft had a patch to cope with it. After we applied the patch, our application broke. It was very strange and it took some time to debug that.

Finally, found that the DST fix broke the dateformat returned by the Date object of Vj++. Previously, the dateobject returned time localized like EST, CST etc. But now, it always return in GMT and this change broke some part of the system. We had to then write a patch class that extends the current Date object and return the date in old format.